Year 2 Design for Stage and Screen 

CLUEDO project 

Progress photos 


Model: Karolina Szymanska 

An elderly man who is an ex war colonel. He's having an affair with Mrs. Peacock. A pompous, randy military man. He loves to drink his whiskey, he's even damaged the outer edges of his moustache from cigar smoking. He wears dentures and has accumulated a various amount of warts of different sizes all over his face especially around the nose. He's bald. Dresses old school, usually with a tie present. 

Colonel Mustard 


Colonel Mustard 


Model: Fionnuala Devins 

Mrs. White  


Mrs. Peacock 

A middle aged sophisticated woman. Mrs. Scarlett’s mother. She is a socialite and widow. She is as sly as a fox. Always attending parties, she likes to enjoy her all time favourite alcoholic drink- prosecco. She is always conscious of her appearance, always trying to look her best. She watches her figure, how she dresses and how her hair looks. Hints of wrinkles weaving through here and there. She likes to wear a peacock feather in her hair and have it on the side in a bun. She also tends to wear a mix of blue and green eyeshadow and clothes to match. She’s manipulative. Also chairwoman of Peacock Enterprises.


Model: Aisling Doyle 

McClub Guinness

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