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Digital Work  

Island of Doctor Moreau 




•Film script by Richard Stanley and Michael Kerr (1994)  based upon novel by H.G Wells ( 1896 )

•A story about a protagonist who ends up shipwrecked on an island full of hybrid creatures created by a scientist in his laboratory.

•It is  a story of power, lack of morals and corruption.

•Relevant to me: Appeals to my interest of animals, horror, mutations and philosophy.

•Relevant to today’s world: questionable whether brain implantations, chips, social media, animal testing, eugenics are a benefit or “moral” to society. Someone has the power over us. We are the marionettes who are being brainwashed. A real life “Black Mirror episode”


Photography Module: 

Creating a poster based off a play through photography skills and Photoshop  

Photography module: Creating a character and make a poster to suit the theme. 

Cluedo project: Created all characters and placed in a poster 

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