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Silly Billy Events : Kids Entertainment 

I work with Silly Billy Events where I do corporate and birthday parties. 

I either dress up as a magician or a princess and entertain kids. 

I do face painting, magic tricks, games, balloon modelling and bubbles. 

Festive face paint makeup looks while practicing 

Different outfits : Magician hat, red shirt and black trousers or princess dress with tiara. 

Magic suitcase full of puppets and magic tricks for the shows at the parties 

Currently in the process of learning circus tricks by going to workshops to learn things like trapeze, acrobatics, hoola hooping, fire spinning so I can further enhance my skills and perform for audiences. I NOW SPIN FIRE FANS AND HOOLA HOOP AS OF A YEAR NOW. Go TO CONVENTIONS REGULARLY TO be inspired and meet cool people. 

Babysitting at a German wedding : playing games with kids, doing arts and crafts, music with them. Face painting ( which turned into me being face painted ) and balloon modelling )

EXAmples        of face painting 

I do face painting on both kids and adults. most of the face painting i do is either inspired by other work or from my imagination. 

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