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Ani's Blue Moon Creations 

I'm really excited to announce that I have set up a series of workshops combining spirituality with art, music and dancing which are big elements of my daily life. I’ve graduated from IADT with a Design for Stage and Screen degree and since then have gone on to work as an art teacher, kids entertainer and events decorator. I have also studied acting, burlesque, dance, voice work, martial arts and music production throughout the years. This past year I have been working in the music industry and after going to so many kinds of wonderful workshops I’ve been inspired to run my own. With all of these skills that I have gathered over the years,I feel it is now my time to share my knowledge and give the gift of art to others as it was given to me.

Expanding on Happiness 

We did some exercises like eating chocolate mindfully, writing out gratitude pointers, we had bubbles and music, Sufi whirling fused with intuitive dancing, painted sunflowers and had a mix of games to keep everyone entertained to learn how to bring more happiness into our daily lives!!

More photos from the workshop. Lots of dancing, journaling and painting in progress.

Hunter's Full Moon Gathering 

Chakra card readings, altar rituals 

Fig : making potions 

We started off with an introduction to what's going on up there in the solar system to doing rituals to doing a guided meditation to painting on wind chimes. We threw in some tea leaf fortune telling in there too.
We got to release what no longer served us and wrote up a letter of intentions for the next month to our future selves 

Here are some group photos from the Hunter's Full Moon Gathering workshop of us reading our fortune with tea leaves! And some photos of us painting some wind chimes to hang up at home. 

Painted the moon : using acrylic paints, 3-D golden paint, brush flickers on wind chimes 

Finished wind chime pieces 


As part of this workshop, the girls customised their flower pots with acrylic paint and different materials after a guided meditation and a run through different techniques that can be used with painting/ materials. The girls were then shown how to make a macrame plant holder step by step. We finished off the workshop by planting seeds in a pot of their own choice and were giving instructions on how to take care of them. 

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