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Paint by the Pints 

Hen Party : Taught a workshop step by step on how to paint a sensual painting of a woman's back using an abstract style with lots of colours. 

Used acrylics, pencil and various paintbrushes. 

The class was very enthusiastic and did such a great job! I was very proud of them. Each panting was unique. 

Final pieces : Paintings to take home.  I work with Paint by the Pints where we do workshops for parties, events and birthdays.


I love teaching and learning, these workshops bring me so much joy.  

Hen Party : Chosen painting that I painted for the class as a sample 

The themes of the workshops vary as well as the group. Hence, it's very diverse and a lot of problem solving, diversity and adaptation is part of the process. 

I went from doing painting workshops with small groups to doing joint events with other artists with groups of 50 plus people which involves going around to check everyone has all the supplies, helping them with all the steps, entertaining them and setting up/ packing up. Very intense but fun! 

I always like to encourage my students to continue painting after the workshops. There is a lot of potential out there

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